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Come and meet our amazing support team at My Auto License.

Aaron James Goetzinger

Founder & CEO

Aaron has been in the auto industry his entire career.  He started MyAutoLicense with the hopes of building an ethical, exciting and enjoyable job for both him and everyone involved. On his off time he enjoys Bicycling, Jet-Skiing, working around the house, and spending time with his church family and friends.




Michelle Goetzinger


Michelle (as of upcoming February 28th 2015) is Aaron’s wife.  While not involved with business operations, she is an integral part to supporting Aaron.  She is an amazing partner, loving wife, prayer warrior, and has wonderful heart for God.




David Scibetta

Office Manager

David has been one of Aaron’s close friends for about five years.  He has experience in Search Engine Optimization, Firearms Background Checking and Criminal Background Investigation.  A fellow entrepreneur, and jack-of-all-trades, he has chosen MyAutoLicense as his home while he plans for his future.


Russell Smith

New Client Assistance

Russell graduated from being a customer of MyAutoLicense to being the head of our sales department.  Russel has shown true abilities in selling, customer service, and providing potential customers the information needed to confidently move forward in the auto industry, while building a career.


Nicole Smith

New Client Assistance

After working with her husband Russell, learning the process of guiding new clients, Nicole, now runs the sales department solely and is very detailed, studious, and well appointed.