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I’ve tried everything, literally dozens of “opportunities.” All with one result… frustration… UNTIL NOW. See…I was 34 YEARS OLD, UNEMPLOYED and DESPERATE, almost giving up all hope of ever making good money.  That’s when I discovered the real power of this FREE website that turned my finances around.


What if I could show you how to put an EXTRA $4,000 A WEEK in your pocket…Would you be interested??  Dumb question…Right??

See how operating a business with NO overhead cost and NO advertising cost can put REAL MONEY in your pocket right now.


The Quick Guide to Real Craigslist Cash


This is NOT some silly book filled with vague theories and ideas that never work for REAL PEOPLE in the REAL WORLD… This is my PERSONAL TRUE LIFE TESTED experience and I specifically spell out how to follow the same steps as me and start earning REAL MONEY… BIG MONEY… If you have thought of working for yourself but don’t know where to start or what to sell, then this guide is for you. If you don’t think you have the money to get a business started then think again. Why not operate a business selling things that there is already a high demand for. Operate your business with ZERO overhead and ZERO marketing expenses all using Craigslist. This guide can show you how to finally take control of you finances and give you a chance to work for yourself…but more importantly, make a profit your VERY FIRST DAY in business!!] It was just after Christmas and I had just been laid off from my job of over five years. A father of 3, I was six weeks away from having child number 4. I was nearly overcome trying to figure out how to pay the bills and get ready for our next child. This should have been an extremely difficult time, but as the Lord would have it, it changed my finances forever.


Did You Know That Craigslist Gets 4 BILLION Visitors EVERY MONTH!


Now to be perfectly honest, the heavens did not part, nor where there any herald angels singing. But Napoleon Hill said, “every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seed of equal or greater benefit.” So too would my adversity bring a seed of greater benefit.


Around this time, I heard from a friend about a local auction house that was selling anything and everything on a weekly basis. I was in need of a few small items anyway to get ready for our new arrival and so I decided to go check out the auction house. I had never been to an auction before and it sounded interesting…


Not knowing anything more then the day, time, and location of the auction, I showed up about 10 minutes after it started. The next 2 hours I could not have been more excited. Even though there was absolutely nothing there that week that I needed for a newborn child, I knew that I would be going back.


I spent the next 2 hours watching, learning, and dreaming. I dreamed of how my finances could change, how my family could be provided for. I was amazed at what I saw. I stayed late that night and continued to ask questions to the staff. They were more then eager to answer my questions and help me with understanding the process of auctions.


That night I had a hard time sleeping. I was blown away at the extent of stuff that was being sold at the auction and the quality as well. I asked around and found out some people had antique stores or pawn shops that they then sold merchandise out of. I thought that these guys must have been making a killing.




You don’t need years of schooling or training to make a career using Craigslist but you do want to avoid the major pitfalls that keep people from making any serious income. Don’t let that be you and get trained on how to finally make real money. Whether you are college student or young professional trying to create some income on the side or in your golden years trying to supplement your retirement. Craigslist is a great way to add cash in your pocket today!] It was then started to think and wondered why not use Craigslist. I didn’t know a lot about Craigslist but I had heard people talk about it before. I knew it was big and I knew it was free. I thought that if I could pick some stuff up at the auction cheap, why not sell it for a profit? If other people could do it with a shop and make enough to cover their cost, what could I do with a free website and NO OVERHEAD?



Well the next week I came prepared. I found out about their website from the staff and had a chance to look at all the “lots” that would be auctioned off. There were over 200 lots that night. Many items were things that I didn’t know much about like jewelry, and would pass on bidding.  But I saw a table and a couch that I thought I would keep my eye on. I figured it is hard to screw up selling a couch and I wanted to start easy.


I showed up early to the preview, got registered to bid, did my walk around and just enjoyed the atmosphere. I looked at the couch and table and all was well. It was a leather couch with no tears or stains and a wood table with 4 chairs. So far this seemed simple enough.


I had less then $100 that I was able to scrounge up being in the financial pickle I was in. That turned out to more then plenty.


Well the auction got under way and boy was it exciting. I saw so many good deals pass me by that night but I waited, patiently, making sure to save my money for the items I came for. Well, the couch came up for sale, and $15 later, I was the winning bidder. The table came up and $25 dollars later I was the winning bidder again!!


Man was I pumped!!! I had been on Craigslist before I came to see what couches and tables were selling for and I was blown away. I knew I could sell the couch for at least $80 – $100 and the table for $80 as well. So when I picked up those items for what I did, I knew I was going to make some cash.


It turns out the night wasn’t over. As I was getting ready to leave after winning my two bids, I heard a TV and entertainment center in the back being auctioned off. I heard the auctioneer keep saying, “$5, $5, $5????” NO ONE was bidding. I threw up my bidder card real quick and picked up the TV and entertainment center for $5!!!!!



And remember… You do NOT need to have any experience to make this work…NO special technical or computer skills are needed…if you can send an email, you can make money on Craigslist. Not only are NO technical skills required…in fact, you don’t even need to have anything to sell to make this work… because I show you where to get all the stuff to sell you’ll ever need. (a lot of it for free)




I walked out that night amazed at my success. The TV and entertainment center were the first items to sell on Craigslist. They sold for $100 within a day of posting. The couch and table sold within days as well. I was into those items for just about $50. When all was said and done, I had sold the 3 items for $280, over a $230 PROFIT.


All it had required was a little bit of an open mind, a little risk, $50 financial investment, 2 hours one evening, and about 30 minutes of taking pictures, taking phone calls, and collecting some cash. I knew that if I could do that one-week, why not another week? Why not every week? Why not with more then $50 invested?


I had to learn the ropes of Craigslist the hard way, no one was there to show me how or answer my questions. I had to explore what techniques would work and which ones would give me the greatest profit.  With the very same techniques I show in this book, I was able to generate the cash needed, over a very short amount of time, to pay my bills and put food on the table. I progressed even more and learned eventually how to become a player in the car business.


In fact the very first car I ever bought was at the auction that I had been attending regularly. It was not common for them to sell cars, but they posted that they would be selling a 07 Ford F150 with 75K miles. At this point I had never even considered buying and selling any type of car for profit. I was doing very well just sticking to what I was doing. I had worked out with a gentleman at church to borrow his trailer on a weekly basis for just a couple of hours transporting things away from the auction. I had a nice little set up. I was doing well, learning lots, and making money.


Well long story short, I knew that truck was worth over $12,000. I thought this was a little pricey for my liking but I prepared myself just in case. I ran the numbers over and over again. Searched everything I could about this make and model. Had many a sleepless nights wondering if it would be a good purchase and what I should bid for it. I had never sold cars and there were just so many unknowns that I couldn’t control.



The cool thing is… You’re gonna learn step-by-step exactly how I went from unemployed to bringing in over $4000 a WEEK!!! Can you imagine that? I’m gonna SHOW YOU how I made over $100,000…Using Craigslist!!!] Well auction day came around and I had set a max bid price of $8000. Now stop, remember the beginning, I had less then $100 to start with. How quickly things had changed. Less then 6 months had passed since my first auction and now I was thinking of buying a car for $8000!!! How quickly Craigslist had changed my finances.


The bidding started all the way down at $5000. It quickly got up to $5500. Then, all of those others that I thought were serious bidders, started to lose interest. I couldn’t believe it when I was the only one left. I did some quick math in my head and with the buyers premium included, I was going to walk out of that auction house with a 2007 Ford F150 white, long bed, Triton XLT with 75,000 miles for $6500! $6000 OFF RETAIL!!


That was a turning point for me. I knew that selling cars could be a big thing. And that is what is what happened. I made a quick turnaround (less then 30 days) on that truck and sold it for $10,500, a $4000 PROFIT!!!

It was then that this guide started to develop. I was able to make some serious changes in my family’s life. We upgraded cars and paid off debt. I also decided that I liked the idea of taking calls from my house instead of being somewhere else. I liked watching my kids grow up, taking long lunches, and dating my wife. I dreamed about the idea of my kids actually letting me sleep in (they still have yet to let me do that).



Remember the 34 year old unemployed veteran…well NOW I am VOLUNTARILY unemployed…I NEVER WENT BACK TO WORK!!!



Here is just a small glimpse of what this guide will provide… 

• How you can make $1K or more working only 4-hours1 morning a month. 

• How your bank manager can be your new best friend and how he can help you make $500, using Craigslist, all while taking a long breakfast. 

• How I have a constant supply of products providing 100% profit, and how you can too!!! 

• How an auction house really works, how they can work for you and provide a constant stream of cash flow 


• Learn what to do right outta the gate and avoid the major mistakes that cost me big time. 

• How to learn a strategy tonight and implement it on your way to work tomorrow, how is that for making money fast??? 

• How to sell products people are already buying…and I’ll show you how to get a nearly unlimited supply of those products. 


Instead I took calls and text throughout the day, made appointments to sell things around my schedule, and spent more time with my family. There was no high-pressure sales tactics. I didn’t have to chase buyers. People either wanted what I had or they didn’t. If they didn’t want what I was selling, then they just never called. It was that simple. But, I always knew that somebody would want what I had. And the buyers have always come.


People saw that I was home; people knew that I was with my family all day. Friends and family started to ask how I was able to stay home. I would share my Craigslist adventures and people were shocked. They couldn’t believe what using this simple website was providing for me.


I had ZERO overhead, ZERO advertising or marketing cost. And I wasn’t doing anything that my friends or family couldn’t do. So I answered questions, showed different ideas to people, helped them with finding and selling products. I have helped some people just clean “junk” out of their garage, helped others create sideline income, helped some find great deals on cars for themselves, and even helped some start making money selling cars.


You can post something in the morning and have cold hard cash in hand that afternoon. No chasing down bad checks or money orders. People will be chasing you and ready to pay in CASH.   


I am nothing special, just someone that finally wanted to take better control of my finances. I know that there are many more people like me that want to take control as well. That is why I have written this guide. To show how simple using the tools you already have access to can dramatically and immediately impact your life.



  ·           Genius!!! Took something basic and made it even more simple. I couldn’t believe all the mistakes that I was making.

                                                                                Carter, Albuquerque

 ·           I was a little skeptical at first and hesitant to pay any money for this, but I needed to make some extra money and took a leap of faith. This guide has paid for itself many times over.

Susan, New Mexico

 ·           Easiest money I’ve ever made. I get things for free or dirt cheap all day long and sell it for 100% profit. What a life saver.

Mitch, Phoenix

·           Didn’t know all the little things I was doing wrong until I got this guide. Fixing those things has really helped me make more money.

Monica, Phoenix

 ·           Ummm…pick something in the morning…post it online that morning…get CASH that afternoon…who wouldn’t want to do this???

Jason, Texas

    ·           I had no idea that an auction could be that much fun. I had no idea that I could make that much money at an auction. Thank you for your guide and explaining how everything works.

    Monique, Texas





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I hope that you see the value in this guide and that you let it work for you like it has worked for me. As you will see, this guide will show the simplicity of Real Craigslist Cash. Take the information and don’t just think about it, but ACT on it. I was able to create a better life for me and I Know you can let this guide create a better life you.







Order your Quick Guide to Real Craigslist Cash for just $59 plus $10 S&H…