a great car salesperson

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Aaron

So you need to know how to be a great car salesperson.  Well, for the most part being a great car salesperson comes naturally but….in case it doesn’t there are some things you can do to make it happen.  Might be a good idea to learn about all of the vehicles that you are buying and selling, and it should be pretty interesting to the customer too, gas mileage is a good one and so is the safety rating.  This is going to make you look super smart in the eyes of a buyer or seller.   Remember that they have picked you for their salesperson and there must be a reason.  I don’t know about you but I hate being pressured into buying something especially after I have told the car salesperson exactly what I wanted they decide they know better than me and proceeded to show everything else on the lot except for what I have asked for.  Darn those people!  In simple terms don’t argue with the buyer or seller, you need to listen to them instead.  Always let the buyer test drive the car and make sure, insist upon it that they take it to their mechanic.

Once they have decided on a car that they like find out what their financing will be.  Do they have cash or are they going to need a loan?  Who is doing the loan and where does the paper work have to go?  Honesty goes a long ways in having a repeat buyer.  If you can give them a better deal then do it, if not let them know why you can’t and not just because it will eat into your profits either!  (darn)  No you won’t become a great car salesperson over night, it will take work every single day to establish that.  With plenty of honesty, hard work, dedication, and being straight forward with your new buyer or seller for that matter,  you are on the road to being a great car salesperson.  Being a good car salesperson means you will have plenty of repeat customers and you will feel on top of the world when you see them coming two years later.  That is what it means to be a great car salesperson and to have good auto sales!  It doesn’t matter if they are buying or selling retail or wholesale just be a great car salesperson.

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