Auction Companion Sign-Up CONSULTING AGREEMENT LLC This agreement, entered into this ________ day of __________, by, hereinafter referred to as “MyAutoLicense” and _______________________________ hereinafter referred to as “customer”. WHEREAS, MyAutoLicense provides consulting services to individuals for the formation and/or management of used car dealerships, customer desires to retain the services of MyAutoLicense for the purpose of forming and/or engaging a properly licensed used car dealership for his/her use. NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual terms and conditions contained herein, the parties agree as follows: 1. Purpose. Per the desire of customer to participate in the used car industry, MyAutoLicense agrees to set up, or provide customer access to a fully functional dealership able to legally buy and sell motor vehicles within the United States of America. 2. Necessary Paperwork. MyAutoLicense will be obligated to produce and completely fill out any and all necessary Federal, State and Local paperwork related to the formation of an entity able to buy and sell motor vehicles for the purpose of profit. MyAutoLicense will be obligated to converse either in person, by phone or by mail with the necessary regulatory authorities in the formation and any legal representation of said dealership for customer. 3. Location. MyAutoLicense will be obligated to secure an approved location for said dealership and will have full authority to negotiate any and all terms between customer and said dealership. 4. Payment for Services. Payments for services are paid for by the dealership, not by the customer. All moneys paid are based on an honest and complete application. Omission will be due a full refund, however dishonesty will forfeit all moneys paid. Any and all monies paid to MyAutoLicense are done so with the understanding that said monies are paid to the dealership that customer will be involved with. At such time when MyAutoLicense delivers or provides to customer said licensed entity, this consulting agreement shall be considered fulfilled and completed. 5. Federal, State and Local Laws. Customer agrees to conduct themselves within all local, state and federal laws and hold harmless MyAutoLicense, its directors, managers, employees, contractors and corporate officers, in regards to the operation of a licensed used car dealer by the customer. 6. Bond and Insurance Requirements. Customer agrees to pay for any and all bond and/or insurance requirements over and above the normal operation of said dealership. 7. Operational Expenses. In addition to the agreed monthly shared expense payment, customer agrees to pay for any and all expenses related to their individual operation of said used car license, including but not limited to auction fees, advertising, $0.00(zero) per car documentation fee (non auction sales only), any and all legal fees, etc. 8. Hold Harmless Clause. Customer does agree to harmless MyAutoLicense, its officers, Directors, agents, servants, general partners and employees from all litigation costs, claims, judgments, or administrative sanctions occasioned by or as a result of the operation of said dealership. Furthermore, customer agrees to defend at his/her own cost and expense all such administrative or legal action, claims, etc., occasioned as the result of operation of said dealership. 9. Relation of Parties. Let it be known that the only relationship between MyAutoLicense and customer is the formation, creation and/or securing of an entity legally licensed to buy and sell motor vehicles for customer’s use. MyAutoLicense has no relationship legally or administratively with customer or their actions related to the dealership. MyAutoLicense does not and will not share in any profits generated by customers business actions and customer does not and will not share in any profits generated by MyAutoLicense’s consulting operation. 10. CO-OP Arrangement Let it be known that customer agrees to enter into a “CO-OP” arrangement with other person(s) and effectively share said automobile dealership expenses with other person(s). Said “COOP” arrangement shall take the form of a limited liability company with each individual responsible for his/her own individual expenses and legal responsibilities with regard to their individual actions within the dealership.