FranklinWe are about to introduce auto dealer license in Ohio. Franklin is a city in Warren County, Ohio, USA. The population was 11,771 in 2010 census. Franklin was founded by General William C. Schenck, in 1796. The settlement was named after Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was incorporated in 1814 and became a city in 1951. One of the first four post offices in Warren County, Ohio, was founded April 1, 1805. Franklin is placed at this time, although it is a different place, which was originally built. The first postmaster was John NC Schenck, brother of Gen. Schenck.

On August 11, 1971 the city opened what was considered the first Garbage Recycling Plant. The plant was designed and built by the Black Clawson Company. Its function was to recycle the metals in solid waste, and remove the paper products for later use. A fluidized bed incinerated what was left of the trash. Fibers removed became part of the paper used for roofing materials.

In 1989 Franklin was the center of a controversy when Major League Baseball Alan Stratmann, an attorney Ron Peters, who owned a restaurant named Jonathans Coffee said he was Pete Rose “principal bookmaker.” Some of the records maintained by Ron Peters had been used by the principal investigator, John Dowd, in his report to the commissioner of baseball. The restaurant has since been demolished and replaced by a gas station.