PittsburghAuto dealer license in Pennsylvania to be issued very soon.¬†Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the United States, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the county seat of Allegheny County. At the regional level, is anchored to the largest city in the Appalachians and the Ohio River Valley, and national, which is 22 the largest urban area in the United States the city’s population in 2010 was 305 704, while the seven county metropolitan area was 2,356,285. The characteristic shape of the central business district of Pittsburgh is a triangular tract carved by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, which form the Ohio River. City offers 151 condominiums, 446 bridges, two inclined railways, and the fortress before the revolution. Pittsburgh is known colloquially as the “City of Bridges” and “Steel City” for its many bridges and former steel manufacturing base.