Auto Dealing And The Art Of Communication

Posted on December 29, 2011 by Aaron

The more effectively a dealer can communicate with his customers, the happier and more satisfied they’ll be. Anyone interested in becoming a dealer can get complete information on getting their dealer license at the highly regarded company,

Knowledge and Thoroughness

Buyers have a lot of questions they feel the need to ask the dealer they’re considering buying from. The more intelligent a dealer’s sales staff is and the more thorough they are in their conversations with buyers, the more comfortable customers will be. With an auto license, quality vehicles can be bought at a dealer’s auction. But the dealer needs to familiarize himself and his sales staff with all information possible about each vehicle so that his customers feel confident giving their business to the dealer.


One of the most effective communication tools a dealer can utilize is to be completely honest and open with all of his potential customers. Buyers will quickly pick up on the fact that the dealer is being entirely upfront with them and will greatly appreciate it. No buyer wants to be lied to or only told half truths. This honesty applies to openly negotiating the best price for the vehicle, as well as informing the customer of all the facts about the vehicle such as the true odometer reading, if the vehicle was involved in any crashes before, and does the customer really need that extended warranty that’s being offered.

Eye Contact/Nonverbal Communication

As important as what words the dealer says to customers, is the nonverbal communication that’s conveyed. This includes consistent eye contact, standing up when the customer enters the showroom, extending an arm for a firm but courteous handshake, and nodding affirmatively as the customer speaks to him. All of these nonverbal gestures of communication will emphasize and enforce to the customer that the auto dealer runs a professional and successful operation, and will foster high levels of confidence in the dealer, which will definitely help improve sales.