Auto licensing Missouri

Auto licensing Missouri? Well you can do it the easy way through us just by filling out the form to your right….or….you can take these steps on your own.

Missouri Government Website

New, used, boat, wholesale, manufacturers, motorcycle and trailer dealers are required to be licensed if they sell six or more vehicles/boats per year. Application, a bonafide place of business, dealer surety bond; criminal record check and registration fee must be submitted. Statement of insurance certification required. License expires December 31 annually.

Dealer License Fees:

$150.00 motor vehicle dealers

$80.00 marine dealers

Fees are prorated on date of application.

Body shop/rebuilder, used parts dealer, salvage/dismantler or mobile scrap processor must call Jefferson City for information. Only salvage dealers and dismantlers can purchase vehicles from a salvage pool.

Fee: $130.00 per license pro-rated per designation

Expiration is June 30, biennially.

Out-of-state salvage dealers must call Jefferson City for information.

Fee: $25.00

$25,000 Corporate Surety Bond

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