Become a Car Dealer!

Posted on September 19, 2012 by Aaron

Has the billion-dollar auto industry given you the desire to become a car dealer? Do you find yourself wanting to own your very own car dealership? Here are some of the steps you can take toward becoming a car dealer!

Contact the DMV

By contacting the DMV, you can inquire about the requirements to owning and operating your own car dealership. Each state has specific requirements, and no two states’ requirements are identical. Most require the car dealer applicant attend a series of classes where you are taught how to run your business. Upon completing the classes, the DMV can assist you in taking your dealer license exam and achieve a passing grade, leading you to becoming a car dealer.

Review Zoning in your Area

You will need to verify the zoning regulations in your area and submit the appropriate forms and letters to show that your area is zoned for both retail and commercial businesses. This step is often overlooked, causing potential car dealers unforeseen issues. A car dealer needs to recognize the zoning laws and restrictions in their area before moving forward. You wouldn’t want to lease a lot and be ready to open for business, only to be shut down by your city or county. Don’t allow a simple process keep you from becoming a car dealer.

Submit your application to the DMV

Upon successful submission of your application, you will be required to pass an inspection of your dealership premises. Your DMV will also require that you provide them with photos of your business. The DMV will send a representative to inspect your location and ensure that you are properly equipped to run your dealership.

Apply for your Licenses

You will need to apply for a dealer license and a salesman’s license from your Department of Labor. Once approved, you will receive your temporary license, allowing you to use your dealer license plates on your inventory. Once you request a tax identification number to become a car dealer, you’re set!

Harsh Reality

While the process can be relatively pain-free if you are truly prepared for every step, most who apply for their dealer license become overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork required in obtaining a dealer’s license. Obtaining your own dealer license and car dealership is also quite a financial investment. Many think they cannot afford to get into the auto industry due to the high cost of obtaining a dealer’s license. But why let money keep you from making money? Visit us at MyAutoLicense to see how you can get your dealer’s license and become a car dealer today!