Being an auto dealer is the ideal home-based business

Posted on August 24, 2011 by Aaron

Those considering a home based business should give serious consideration to becoming an auto dealer. A licensed dealer gets to do business with the credibility that translates into profits.

Doing Business

In the home rehabbing business, it is common wisdom that cosmetic improvements are the most profitable. Being a used car dealer follows the same principles with a couple of added advantages: The huge entry point to buy and refurbish even an inexpensive home is usually out of reach for those just getting started. A project home is generally financed, creating pressure to rush the rehab job. A car, on the other hand, can be bought and upgraded at leisure when money and time allow.


Having a dealer license sets a person apart from 99% of others advertising used vehicles. The number one fear among those shopping for a used vehicle is that they might purchase the “lemon” that the current owner is desperate to unload. This fear disappears when they do business with a licensed dealer because they see a professional doing business as opposed to someone trying to push a problem onto them.

The second huge advantage of a license is having access to dealer only auto auctions. These auctions give a dealer access to a massive pool of vehicles in all conditions. This ready source for inexpensive vehicles is what sets a hobbyist apart from a real dealer. The hobbyist can afford to sit back for months at a time, waiting for the ideal project car to come along. The dealer, on the other hand, needs a steady supply of quality vehicles to work with. Dealer only auctions provide precisely that.

Often the most difficult part of starting a home business is deciding on the business. Ideally, a business with a relatively low entry point, an unlimited profit potential, and ready access to product and other resources is the optimal choice. Those who decide to start a business as a licensed auto dealer have all these things at their fingertips. Being an auto dealer is the ideal home-based business