Buying Vehicles Via Car Rental Companies: Big Savings For Used Car Dealers

Posted on December 21, 2011 by Aaron

The current market economy puts a premium on low-priced vehicles. With wages stagnant and unemployment remaining high, many families are unable to purchase new or even lightly used vehicles and must instead rely on bottom-of-the-market bargains, which ironically drives up both price and demand. One of the best way for licensed dealers to keep a steady stock of such high-mileage, low-cost vehicles is to contract regular purchases with car rental companies, who are always in possession of such vehicles that they need to sell off.

Rental cars have a hard life, and as such are generally only useful for 2-3 years, or 4-5 years when dealing with luxury models. They tend to be used very hard for long periods of time, and as they cannot receive individual attention like family cars, minor problems are often neglected until they become serious ones. And since rental car companies can’t take the risk that a car they rent out might break down or suffer even a minor malfunction, cars with high mileage or even simple mechanical problems must be sold off, usually at a significant loss.

As such, licensed car dealers can purchase such cars at a very low price, and pass the savings on to their customers. Used dealers interested in such cars should contact rental companies in the area, especially those located at or near airports, and inquire about which cars will soon be rotated out of the fleet. Generally, cars are rotated out on a yearly basis, usually towards the end of summer or early fall, based on their model year and the availability of replacement vehicles. Rental car companies are primarily concerned with small commuter vehicles, and so most of the cars they sell will be of that type. All former rental cars should be carefully inspected before sale, as they tend to have a large amount of wear.