Car Dealers Doing Business Part Time . . and Full

The car business demands a lot of hours from workers at all levels. Salespeople often work twelve hours a day and seven days a week. Dealers work long hours, too, putting in 60 hours per week, or 70 hours per week, or even more. New dealers are surprised at the work load they encounter. Selling cars, servicing cars, and arranging financing are the functions that consume the bulk of work hours for car dealers, but they are necessary functions in the car dealership business and car dealers accept them.

Believe it or not, some dealers actually work part time in their dealerships. Many people start car dealerships as businesses from home, and don’t initially set up lots or sales offices to work from. Some cars sitting by the side of the road for sale are actually offered by licensed dealers. Some dealers sell their cars one by one through direct contact with buyers. Some are a wholesaler dealer. Some sell only through an auto auction, and some even sell on auction websites like eBay. There are many more part-time car dealers than people probably realize.

The car business is also very profitable, including especially used car sales that smaller dealers are involved in. It is conceivable that someone with a dealer license could earn a full-time income while only devoting part-time hours to their business. That possibility is even alluring to some people starting out in the car business. Most dealers, of course, aspire to enlarge their dealership, and many dealers starting as used car dealers eventually become sufficiently skilled at the car business and sufficiently well established to earn new car franchises, and that is the ambition of most car dealers. Many new car dealers do work full time, and people starting a car dealership with sufficient financing will probably operate the business full time from the start.

Many people see good opportunity in getting an auto license and becoming a car dealer. Whether they start the business full time or part time is a matter of preference, but also a matter of financial wherewithal. However they may start, though, small dealers often become big dealers, and that is the dream of most people trying to become car dealers. There is a lot of information available on the Internet about getting a car license and starting a car dealership.