Classic Cars

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Aaron

So you are interested in buying or selling classic cars!  With buying or selling classic cars or classic trucks it can be a hobby or a full time profession, I guess it really depends upon how much time you want to spend on a vintage car.  Of curse you do need to know where to look for classic cars or the type of classic cars you are looking at, do you want to buy classic cars for restoration or do you want it already restored?   You  should also be reading up on those old antique cars that you are interested in.  You can get this information from classic car clubs or surf the Internet for some blogs (not this one silly) or forums to find the information.  Research the manufacture that made the car.  One thing about a classic car buyer is that they just love to have all of that paperwork that goes with the car so if you have it you better keep it.  It gives them a starting point for their own history trail to create.

If you already own a classic car then compare it with another one and use an classic car appraisal guide.  You might want to consider getting your own appraisal on it and I really do not mean using the friendly neighborhood mechanic down the street.  Get an appraisal from a professional appraiser.  This will give you a great starting point for buying or selling a classic cars or a classic trucks especially after you add in the expenses and restoration for the classic car.

With all of that said and done of how you are going to go about buying or selling a classic car or classic truck.  You get to advertise it, of course that is after you prepare for your marketing.  So if you want top dollar for your vintage car you had better do your research by creating a profile on your target market and reviewing current ads from places such as the online classified ads, online auctions, car shows and local car magazine.  Be sure you take some fancy pictures of the vintage piece and have it done by a professional.  You need to put together a promotional packet with the pictures, description and specification of the vintage car or truck as well as the price and where the heck is the car!

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