Ethical Use of the Dealer’s License

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At, interested individuals can get their own dealer’s license. Once they do, they can start to buy and resell vehicles on their premises. But being a successful auto dealer also involves learning about and practicing highly ethical standards of business operation. 

Be Upfront About All Fees 

With an auto license, vehicles can be purchased at a dealer auction with the intent to resell them for a profit. To most ethically use a dealer’s license, a dealer should be completely upfront about every single fee a customer must pay when involved in a purchasing transaction. This involves always informing the customer about all additional costs involved in the purchase beyond the sales price, including sales tax, tags, registration, and any extended warranty coverage.

Be Honest About A Vehicle’s Condition

Ethically using a dealer’s license should also include the dealer always being completely honest about every vehicle’s true condition. He should never try to hide any major or minor mechanical problems thinking that he can get away with it by not revealing them to a customer. If a mechanical flaw is discovered, the ethical dealer will either repair it first before offering the vehicle for sale to the public, or he’ll point it out to the prospective customer and sell it for a reduced price to be fair.


Ethical use of the dealer’s license also always involves treating each and every customer with a high degree of integrity, courtesy, reliability, and kindness. An ethical dealer should also be knowledgeable enough to be able to honestly and comprehensively answer any and all questions his potential car buyers have. The ethical dealer should run a clean and tidy shop, including both on the sales floor and in the service and parts departments. Offering a comfortable waiting room with available refreshments, a TV, restrooms, and plenty of current periodicals to read is another important aspect of running a professional dealership operation and utilizing the dealer license ethically. Ethical Use of the Dealer’s License

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