+How does the Dealer Licensing process work?
You will be a corporate member of an LLC (The corporation that owns the dealership) and will be assigned a manager. You will pay a monthly fee to be a member of that LLC and will in turn be assigned your own dealer plate, with insurance for any car owned by the dealership (e.g., cars you have purchased). You will be part owner of the company. As a part owner, you will be bonded, insured, licensed and trained as a car dealer.

+How long does it take to get set up with a dealer license?
In most cases, it takes around a week, but usually quicker.

+Is it legal to use someone elses dealer license?
Of course! You will purchase cars on your own and you will sell cars on your own. The dealership has the rights to sell as many cars as it needs on a per year basis. You are part owner of the dealership, making you a licensed dealer.

+Is there any training that I need to complete before I can use this dealer license opportunity?
No. Your manager will train you in every area that you need to be.

+How much does it cost to get a dealers license?
Around $10,000. Most dealerships cost around $1200-$2500 per month to keep open. As a member, you are only responsible for your monthly membership fees. We handle the rest..

+Can I attend dealer only auctions?
Yes! That is one of the best benefits to this program.

+Can I share the cost with friends? Can I have business partners?
The rules are specific, but you ARE allowed to have business partners. This can all be explained to you by our staff.

+Are there any other fees for getting my dealer license with MyAutoLicense.com?
No. You will however be responsible for any fees you accrue, such as auction fees, paperwork fees, etc.

+Do I need to have an office or a lot with my dealer license?
No. You can do this from home, or anywhere you choose.

+Am I liable for other people on the dealer license?
No. Your manager takes care of all of that

+How much paperwork is needed with my dealer license?
None. your manager will take care of all of that for you.