Flood Damaged Cars

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Aaron


With all the flood damaged cars hitting the market, one needs to really look at and inspect  flood damaged cars for sale. Here are a few pointers from MyAutoLicense.com when inspecting a flood damaged cars or determining if it is a flood damaged car.


1.   Check to see where the car came from with the title. Did the car come from a flood region?

2.   Put your nose to work! Does the car smell moldy? If it does, it could possibly be due to flood damage.

3.   Put your fingers to work too! Touch everything to feel for moisture and be sure to look under the carpet to see if there are any signs of rust.

4.   Rust and corrosion are a big give-away especially around door hings, trunk, nuts, bolts, and screws for a flood damaged car.

5.   Notice any water stains on the upholstery? If the upholstery looks new on a car that is old you should be suspicious.

6.   Put the pedal to the medal! Drive the car and listen for strange sounds when you start it up. Check for unusual smells after you try the air conditioner and heater. And don’t forget the tunes, if the radio has lots of unusual static        you just might have a flood damaged car.

7.   Is there water in the oil? If there is water in the oil, it will probably be a different color, more pale than usual. Water in the oil might feel sticky or tacky too.

8.   Let there be lights! Check the headlights, taillights and even the exterior mirrors, they might have a foggy appearance.

9.   Oh how dirty it can be! Is there any debris such as grass, dirt, sand or silt. Places to check would be the trunk, under the dashboard, in the wheel well, and around the wiring.

10.  Inspect! Always take the car to a reliable inspector for a final opinion.  They should be able to tell you if  have  flood damaged car problems or not.  You can purchase flood salvaged cars and be a happy camper with it.


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With all of that said and done “Good luck and happy hunting” for your next used car purchase or flood damaged cars.