Following the Trends in Car Dealing

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One of the most reputable companies for people to obtain their dealer license is Once the license is received, many new dealers will quickly notice trends occurring in local and regional dealerships. These trends happen for various reasons and they can often greatly benefit both dealers and customers.


The Economy 

The state of the economy has a lot of impact on car dealing. When a dealer with a car license buys vehicles at an auto auction to sell at his business, he needs to keep in mind whether the economy is strong or weak. If it’s strong, he usually has no worries and the trend tends to be that car prices remain as high as possible. But if the economy is poor, car sales will suffer and a significant trend that will occur is that prices have to be drastically reduced on most all makes and models. Most every dealer will follow these economic trends.

Manufacturer Rebates

To generate more sales, many dealers will follow another major dealer’s lead and start promoting the fact that they’re now offering substantial manufacturer’s rebates. This trend almost always draws more customers into dealer’s showrooms, and is very beneficial to their bottom line as well. Most buyers use these rebates of several thousands of dollars as their down payment on another vehicle.

Dealer Incentives

Another trend that often occurs in car dealing is when one dealership starts offing purchasing incentives to attract new customers and then many other local dealers jump on board and copy the same desirable offers. Such dealer incentives can include free oil changes for life, regular discounts on major repairs if the dealer’s service facility is used, and even a free tank of gasoline with every repair job the dealer does. This trend of incentives can last either for the short or long term depending on the individual dealer. Following the Trends in Car Dealing

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