Get a dealers license in Maine

Get a dealers license in Maine? Well you can do it the easy way through us just by filling out the form to your right….or….you can take these steps on your own.

Maine Government Website

A license is required for new and used vehicle dealers. An individual or business sell­ing more than 5 vehicles in a 12-month period, displaying 3 or more vehicles within a 30 day period or buying vehicles for purpose of resale, qualifies as a dealer in Maine . Application is submitted to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The applica­tion must provide the following information: size and location of the lot; the size of the building, display, office and re­pair area. Applications must be signed by all parties and witnessed. The building lease must be valid for at least one year.

Dealer License Fees:

$150.00 filing fee and $150.00 licensing fee (both fees required upon application and renewal)

$150.00 annual renewal

Required for all dealers except light trailer and light boat trailer dealers. Bond amount is established by the number of vehicles sold by the dealership:

Vehicles Sold Bond Limits

0-50 $5,000

51-100 $10,000

101-150 $15,000

151-200 $20,000

201 and over $25,000

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