Get a dealers license in Maryland

Get a dealers license in Maryland? Well you can do it the easy way through us just by filling out the form to your right….or….you can take these steps on your own.

Maryland Government Website

Motor vehicle dealer must be licensed if he has sold more than 5 vehicles during a year. Dealer must have a location approved by an authorized representative of the MVA and must complete an applica­tion to be approved by the Business License & Consumer Services Division of the MVA, and must submit a bond in the name of the dealership. Laminated dealer photo license issued; annual renewal by mail is required.

Dealer License Fees:

$500.00 New and Used Dealer

$300.00 for boat trailer dealers and trailers 15 feet or less

Based upon sales volume, surety is required for all dealers.
201 and over $25,000

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