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Get a dealers license in Massachusetts? Well you can do it the easy way through us just by filling out the form to your right….or….you can take these steps on your own.

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Required for persons principally engaged as dealers (see class listing for specific re­quirements). Dealers must have a separate business office on the premises, maintain a Used Car Record Book approved by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and post a sign displaying the type of business. Watercraft dealers must have a fran­chise letter from the manufacturer, a sign indicating the type of business and a separate place of business. Dealer Li­censes are issued from the local City Hall; the Boston Police Department issues licenses for dealers based in the city of Boston .

Licenses are issued for the following dealer classes:

Class I – New and/or used vehicle dealer (business license required).

Class ll – Used vehicle dealer (business license required).

Class lll – Salvage parts/Junk (business license required).

Owner/Contractor – Must have ten vehicles (one of which is special mobile equipment – SME), and garage to work in (business license required). Owner/contractor plates may be issued to: government agencies for public safety uses; persons engaged in leasing storage or mobile office trailers; persons engaged renting or leasing vehicles or trailers to the public (fleets of 20 or more).

$25,000 bond for ALL Class II dealers

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