Get a dealers license in Minnesota

Get a dealers license in Minnesota? Well you can do it the easy way through us just by filling out the form to your right….or….you can take these steps on your own.

Minnesota Government Website

All dealers must be licensed. New and used vehicle dealer licenses must have a per­manently enclosed commercial building on a permanent foundation, office space for records. Personal franchise agree­ment and means for repairing vehicles required for new dealers only. Used vehicle dealers must have a person to answer the telephone or an answering machine. Lessors and wholesale dealers must have an office, records and a person to an­swer the telephone or an answering service. Auctioneer requirements are the same as for new or used dealers, but may be based outside the state. A site inspection is required for all dealers prior to the approval of a dealer license. Dealer classes include new, used and broker, lessor, parts, scrap metal, wholesale, leasing, and auctioning. Boat, snowmobile and motorized bicycle dealers are required to be licensed.

Dealer License Fees:

$157.00 application and annual renewal fee

$107.00 if application is made after July 1

$17.00 for boat, snowmobile, and motorized bicycle dealers

$50,000 must be filed by all dealers; $5,000 for boat, snowmobile, trailer and motorized bicycle dealers.

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