How Having an Auto Dealer License Can Pay Off

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If you want to sell cars, you’re going to need a dealer license. In some states, you can sell a few cars without a license, and in others you can’t sell even one car without a license. If you’re going to make a business out of selling cars, you’re going to need a license. There are plenty of benefits to it, too, even aside from being allowed to sell cars for profit. With an auto license, you can make money in other ways.

One way to make money with a dealer license is to buy cars for resale at a wholesale auto auction. This is a dealer auction that only people with a dealer license can get into. These are the same auctions used by all car dealers to buy used cars, including the giant big name dealers. They make money there, and you can, too. Buy wholesale, sell retail.

You can also buy cars at wholesale from dealerships. Normally those are the older, more deteriorated cars that the dealership won’t put on its lot, but you can buy them cheap, and then turn around and sell them for profit. You can even get dealers calling you directly with their deals. This is a great way to make money with an auto dealer license.

You can become an auto broker, too, or a wholesale dealer selling only to dealerships and not to car owners. Some brokers make top dollar, plus there are no retail customer to deal with. Wholesale is the only way to go with a dealer license.

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