Bowling Green

We are going to start with getting auto dealer license Kentucky, Bowling Green city. Bowling Green is the third most populous city in the state of Kentucky, after Louisville and Lexington, which has a population of 58 067 from 2010 Census. And ‘the county seat of Warren County and principal city of Bowling Green, Kentucky Metropolitan Statistical Area with an estimated 2009 population 120,595. Bowling Green was founded in 1798, when Robert and George Moore donated a further 30 acres (120 000 m2) 40 acres (160 000 m2) and the Warren County trustees. March is surrounded by 2 hectares of land (8100 m2) plot, were donated for the construction of public buildings. Bowling Green was the provisional capital of the Confederate government in Kentucky. In 2003, Bowling Green has been appointed as the surrounding communities “metropolitan area”.

General Motors has an assembly plant in Bowling Green, where all Chevrolet Corvettes have been built since 1981, Cadillac XLR and were built there until the production is completed in spring 2009. Other major companies in Bowling Green include Fruit of the Loom, Holley Performance Industries products Houches, and Camping World. The second largest public university in Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, located on a hill in central Bowling Green. Its athletic teams are called Hilltop.