We are going to start with getting auto dealer license Kentucky, Louisville city. Louisville is the largest city in the U.S. state of Kentucky, and the county seat of Jefferson County. Since 2003, the city limits are the same as the county because the county town of the merger. City population in 2010 census was 741,096 (consolidated balance sheet total is 597,337). A major seaport built in 19 th century, Louisville is best known for the location of today’s Kentucky Derby, the first of three thoroughbred race every year form the Triple Crown.

Louisville is located on the Ohio River in north-central Kentucky at the Falls of Ohio. Because it includes counties in Southern Indiana, Louisville metropolitan area is often referred to as Kentuckiana. The river forms the border between Kentucky and Indiana. A resident of Louisville is considered a Louisvillian. Although located in a southern state, Louisville is influenced by two cultures of the South and Midwest. It is sometimes called the northernmost city in the south or the southernmost city in the northern United States.