State Law

We operate under one license and maintain it heavily. We operate exclusively under our own license and it is managed by us. We do not partner with other dealers, and we do not allow your expectations to be neglected. Please read below what is needed for us to work well with you and why this page is important.

Bond (Sate and Federal)

Every car dealer is regulated by a bond. This is a promise of credit worthiness to assure that the below issues are covered in the case of fraud:

  • Title Brands – Laws regulate that a title must have a brand disclosure. This means all title brands must be presented to the customer prior to sale, giving them the opportunity to decide against the sale. This protects you from cars with mysterious damage, such as a previous “total loss,” flood damage, theft, or fire.
  • Odometer Fraud – Federal laws regulate disclosure of odometer status. Cars 9 years old and younger must be sold with an accurate odometer, or an obvious disclosure to the opposed. If an odometer has been altered or tampered with, the customer needs to know.


All vehicle on the road must have insurance. As a dealer, you may drive 5 different cars in one day. As opposed to adding them to an insurance policy, dealers have a corporate policy based on their inventory, drivers, and history. We carry $1,000,000 coverage for all of our drivers. This protect victims of not at fault accidents when struck by our drivers.

Sales Tax

All cars sold are subject to applicable sales tax in the buyer’s home state. Please contact us to discuss how to handle this.


A little on our structure.

Many companies like ours have a company, which markets to a dealership, whom hire a manager, which markets to clients, which markets to end customers (car buyers). We are smaller. We are the company, the dealership, and the manager. You are the client. Your customer is the buyer.