Posted on October 31, 2012 by Aaron

What to do when you buy a lemon car?  And I don’t mean the color of the car either.   Don’t know, well here are some suggestions on that subject.  The “lemon law” is a Federal Statue that only covers what is in your warranty package, so if it isn’t there it isn’t covered.  You do have a legal obligation to let the seller fix it and they also have 3 chances to do so.  Oh Darn!  The smartest thing you can do if you think you have a lemon car is to document everything and I do mean everything and that includes all of those trips you had to make to the repair shop, so save every bit of paper you have received from letters to post it notes and document all the phone calls in-between.  Cannot say it enough times that you need to document, document and document some more in order to get the lemon car fixed right.

Of course you can always hire legal representation to get things done but that opens up a whole new blog and we don’t want to go there today.  The smart thing to do is get a car fax from carfax.com and the have that buddy down the street that is a certified mechanic take a look at the lemon car.  He just might find something.  Of course you should also be doing your own homework by researching  car models that you are interested in.  The Internet is a grand place to look isn’t it!  You can read blogs (just like this one) or go to different forums to see what other people have to say.  Don’t forget that you have to test drive the car and don’t forget about  checking the interior stuff too.

If you had a car dealers license you probably would not have bought that lemon car in the first place, so think about giving us a call here at MyAutoLicense.com and let us help get you started on not buying a lemon car.