Maximizing the Value of Vehicles You Just Purchased for Resale

Posted on August 19, 2011 by Aaron

When an auto dealer acquires new or used cars intended for resale, he can easily maximize their resale value by following certain, proven tips. These useful tips can also help increase a dealer’s profits by allowing him to resell more vehicles.

Perform Complete Mechanical Inspection

At the company, prospective dealers can obtain their own dealer license. Once they do so, they need to visually inspect and mechanically test every component of each vehicle they’ve purchased before putting it up for resale. If problems are discovered, they need to be fixed first. The excellent condition of a dealer’s vehicles will then satisfy his many potential customers.

Maximize the Vehicle’s Visual Appeal

With an auto license, cars can confidently be purchased at a dealer auction or auto auction. One of the most important aspects in successfully reselling vehicles for a dealer is to clean and shine them up as much as possible so customers will be quickly drawn to and attracted by them. This will peak the buyer’s interest. The dealer should have his service technicians thoroughly vacuum the interior, including under the car seats. The dashboard should be polished, as should the wheels. The body needs to be professionally washed and waxed for maximum visual impact as well.

Price the Vehicles Competitively

Every successful dealer must know and understand his competition. It’s essential that he knows what competing prices of similar vehicles he has on his lot are compared to those prices at other local dealers. If he prices his vehicles too high to try to maximize profits, smart customers will quickly realize this and won’t give that dealer their business with a car purchase from them. Fair and reasonable pricing will definitely maximize the value of every vehicle a dealer wants to resell. His overall goal can be trying to sell in higher volume rather than attempting a very high markup on every vehicle for resale. Maximizing the Value of Vehicles You Just Purchased for Resale