Posted on December 3, 2013 by Aaron

Motorcycles, motorcycles and more motorcycles.  So you are interested in motorcycles!  There are many brands of motorcycles out there, some that come to mind are the Honda, BMW, Kawasaki and Yamaha motorcycle.  But I am sure that there are plenty more motorcycles, ones that I don’t even know about.  Are you looking at buying or selling motorcycles as there are some things to consider when doing this.  Need to think about the size of the motorcycles, bigger is not always better, if you have a powerful motorcycle and are brand new to riding them you just might have a problem.  If you are considering buying or selling motorcycles then you need to think about how you are getting it back to your shop or not!  Are you able to ride it away or are you going to have to haul it away?  How many motorcycles do you want to have for buying and selling?  Are you going to go with wholesale or retail?  See there is no easy thing about motorcycles other than riding them and that is only if you have been doing it for awhile.

Do your really need a motorcycle or is it just the thought of owning such a machine?  Really doesn’t matter because you still have things to think about such as what is your price you are willing to pay, what are you going to use it for, long trips, short trips or just around town?  Last but not least, how do you intend to pay for it?  Cash, check, or money order!  And don’t forget about all that stuff you have to get for safety reasons; helmets, gloves, goggles etc…..

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