Protecting Yourself At The Auto Auction As A Licensed Dealer

Posted on December 23, 2011 by Aaron

We at MyAutoLicense.Com understand that visiting a standard auto auction, or even a dealer auction, can be a perilous event for both your business’ well being and for your personal sanity, regardless of whether you hold a dealer license or not. For that reason, we’re offering our personal tips and tricks to keep your head above water when navigating the hazards of your local auto auction.

Contracts And Titles

Always pay attention to the title indication before buying, it should be clear as to whether it is a red, yellow, or green title and any contract must inform you of how long it will take to receive the car’s title.

Have Enough Money On Hand

You don’t ever want to be unprepared to get a great deal on a vehicle because you didn’t have enough to cover it. Set your budget before hand and come prepared with an idea of what vehicles you want to take away from the auction and the rough prices associated with them.

Be Prepared To Search

Having a laptop, capable smart phone, Kelly Blue Book, and/or Pocket PC available to quickly check prices and vehicle history reports can save you significantly in the long run. Have an open account available at a vehicle history report site, and have bookmarks to any site of interest ready.

The Early Bird Gets The Car

Everyone loves a good deal, and the deal hunters will be out in force before the day gets too long in the tooth, so come as early as possible to scout out potential hot deals before too many people show up to steal them away.