Topic Retail Dealer License Only Program Dealer Retail License + Plate Program
Dealer License Full Retail Program
Minimum Vehicle Transaction Charges Per Month 3 Call to inquire 3
Vehicle Payment Deadline 24 hours Call to inquire 24 hours
Included Auction(s) Manheim Only Call to inquire Manheim Only
Paperwork Fee $95.00 per car(Unlimited above 5 transactions) Call to inquire $95.00 per car(Unlimited above 6 transactions)
Maximum Inventory 3 vehicle Call to inquire 5 vehicles
Payment late (over 24 hours) $100 Call to inquire $100


9 February 2016: Per car price for “Dealer License Full Retail Program” changed from $82 to $95. Minimum sales for “Retail Dealer License Only Program” changed to “Unlimited above 5”