Aaron (AJ) Goetzinger – Owner


I have had dreams of business ownership from the beginning of my adolescence. Many companies attempt this business model, but we do it right, and have been in business since 2009. Maintaining a small company, on purpose, insists that we provide excellent customer service and competitive pricing. On my spare time, I enjoy bicycling, brewing beer, and time with my church folk.

Aaron’s full time job is day to day operations and compliance.

I am passionate about God, Work, and Play. A man needs all three to be healthy.


Jackie Fulk – Titles, Client Services, Exec Assistant


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Jackie works in the office doing two things. She handles titles, sales docs, and paperwork errors for her afternoon hours. During the first half of her day, she handles questions from potential clients, and works to keep us below our cap and up to our limit with agent numbers. She is a proud mother of three and married to the man of her dreams, whom also works locally in town with other dealers, and tow companies. Jackie is a great addition to our team. When she is not working to keep Aaron on task, she brings warmth, charm, organization and humor to all she encounters daily.


David Scibetta – Manager – Jack of All Trades

David Scibetta MyAutoLicense



David works like he means it. He runs the shop, keeps Aaron in line, alive, and sane. Truly, the ball never gets dropped under David’s watch. He runs everything you can imagine, and does it well. David has worked with MyAutoLicense for a matter of years, and I cannot imagine the place without him. He started processing car titles, and sales docs, and now makes most major decisions, and often sits in the driver’s seat as I work the phones doing sales.

On his spare time, he enjoys time with his wife, Mandy and daughter, Lucy, time with friends, and time with his brother.




We would like to personally thank those that have contributed to our journey.

Shawn G. – Agent, promoted to Sales

Nicole and Russell S. – Agent, promoted to Sales

Tim S. – Sales

Wonetta A. – Executive Assistant

Megan J. – Executive Assistant (and beginning of many systems and audits)

God – For all…..