Posted on October 29, 2012 by Aaron

The car fax and what the heck is it?  Simply put the car fax is a report of a car’s history and you can get one from the dealer or go to  They offer several services:  the lemon car check, the records check, the recall check and the problem car check just to name a few.  Some items that might appear on a car fax report are accidents, repairs, odometer readings, maintenance, stolen vehicles, when the car was built, the first time it was registered, when it was registered to a new state or offered for sale.  Remember though you will never know the name of the owner, or where any maintenance or accidents occurred.  Any information about the car is supplied from dealers, police, fire, service garages.  So the report will only be accurate with what is reported on it.

Always ask the dealer for the car fax, if they won’t provide you with one get your own even if you purchase the car from your cousin.  But it is not a free report, you will have to pay anywhere from around $10 to $40 for it.  And don’t forget to get your best friend, the neighborhood mechanic commonly known as my buddy down the street to inspect the car before purchasing it.

Don’t just depend on the car fax, they are only as good as the people that report the information on and don’t always blame the dealership either, they may not have been told about all the bad things wrong with the car such as an accident not reported to the car fax.  Last but not least when you get your car worked on ask them to send the service records over to the car fax.  Should you ever need to sell your car, having a car fax for it just might make the sale just a little bit easier to handle.  So don’t forget and go to the car fax at