The Different Auctions Available to auto dealers

Posted on September 18, 2011 by Aaron

People who receive their dealer licenses can purchase used vehicles form more auto auctions than they can without them. Anyone can purchase used vehicles from someone who is selling their cars on their own, but a dealer auction offers people the chance to purchase these same vehicles for prices below market value. Dealers can choose to go to one or all five of the different types of auto auctions that are listed below.

Online Auto Auctions

Dealers may take advantage of the convenience of the Internet by patronizing online auto auctions. One example is eBay Motors where tens of thousands of used automobiles have been listed with all of the information that people need such as price, year of the vehicle, make and model.

Wholesale Dealer Auctions

Wholesale dealers will hold their own auctions usually for other wholesale dealers. People purchase vehicles at these auctions that that are difficult to sell such as a new car dealership’s trade-in vehicles. These automobiles that inhabit dealer auctions have the reputation for being well maintained.

Auto Auctions Open to the Public

Public auto auctions are, generally, not recommended, but they are an option.

Government Auctions

These government auctions are the place to find automobiles that have been used by law enforcement in the past. Other vehicles that can be found here are those that have been confiscated from wrongdoers.

Insurance Auto Auctions

These auctions sell automobiles that have sustained damage. People with a car license and operating their own dealerships are the ones invited to these types of auctions. The vehicles tend to be used for their parts or by those who wish to salvage a vehicle.

With a dealer license, people are not forced to go to the worst places, public auctions, to purchase their vehicles. Obtaining their licenses from our company, My Auto License, helps them go places they couldn’t go before. The Different Auctions Available to auto dealers