Tips on buying a car

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Aaron

Need some tips on buying a car?  Well you came to the right spot.  You just found out that the old clunker is now sitting in the garage with half an engine in it and you just can’t seem to figure out where to put the rest of the engine either.  Hmmmmm, that really doesn’t sound good at all!  Oh but the good thing is you get to buy another car so you really do have a need for tips on buying a car.  OK first you have to decide if you want a brand new car with the new car smell or that stinky smell of old tennis shoes in a used car.  Whichever floats your boat just do it!

We need to trot on over to the Internet and look at the Kelly blue book to see what the car of choice is going for these days.  Better check with the manufactures web site and request a Manufacturer suggested retail price and for us dummies that is commonly known as MSRP.  You might want to check other web sites such as;;; and  Using different sites will give you a wide range of information and a good starting point for price and have tips on buying a car.

Don’t forget about your budget–what can you afford and are you financing?  You will need to know your credit history for financing in order to get a good interest rate.  The best time to buy a car apparently is between July and October and all of December.  If you decide to order a factory car, (just because you wanted pink instead of red) the price should still be the same as the one on the lot.

Once you have a price in mind don’t let the dealer start with add-ons, some are not needed anyway and they all cost $$.  But if you were to get your car dealers license from then you wouldn’t have to worry about being scammed now would you and you would have your own tips on buying a car.