Used Car Economy

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Aaron

How good is the used car economy?  Hmmmm!  Now that is a very good question what with the used car bailout and used cars being sold more than new cars.  How do we want to answer that?  I know without having the government bailout to the car dealers they would have been bankrupt and forced to sell everything and I do mean everything, well, except the employees but they wouldn’t have a job anymore.  I suppose the employees could find another used car dealer to go to work at somewhere else but if they are all closed guess they wouldn’t have a place to go to.  Because of the government bailout the used car economy has been rebounding quite nicely since a lot of people that purchase a new car are hanging onto them much longer  instead of purchasing a a new one.  The people that purchase a used car are still doing it every 2-3 years.  Although with the used car economy the way it is it is getting harder and harder to find great used cars that have some good mileage left.  Even folks that are considering a cheaper car  are looking at ones that are smaller and cost less to run.

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