Using a Website to Promote Your Car Dealer Business

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If you’re thinking of opening an auto dealership, then you need to be able to attract potential customers while providing easy access to information for those you already have. In other words, you need a website.

Websites are created every day by companies just like yours and are both easy to set up and inexpensive to maintain. After finding a web host and purchasing your domain name, you can either use software to set up your site, or pay someone to do it for you. The two most common types of website are static and dynamic websites, and each will have a certain number of pages designed to inform visitors. In addition to a home page, these typically include an about page, a services page, a contact page and a page for frequently asked questions.

About Page and Services Page

An about page is a general overview of the products or services a company provides. About pages may also include information about a company’s history, such as when it was founded. Similar to an about page, a services page will provide a more detailed description of the products and services offered.

Contact Page and Frequently Asked Questions Page

A contact page is simply a page that gives people a company’s contact information. This may include a telephone number, fax number or physical address. A frequently asked questions or FAQ page is a page that allows visitors to find answers to common questions without having to contact a company.

A website is a critical tool for anyone who’s thinking of becoming a wholesale dealer. It’s no longer enough to just go to auto auctions and advertize in the phone book. If you’re interested in obtaining a dealer’s license, then look to the form to your  right, and they’ll show you how to get started.

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