Wholesale car buying

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Aaron

So you want to do some wholesale car buying?  Yep if you had your car dealers license you could buy cars wholesale and that means cheap.  Wholesale means that is the price you get to pay as a car dealer but you really want to pay less than wholesale.  Can you do that?  I don’t know, I have never done that.  But you have to go to an auction to buy a car wholesale and they are not open to just anybody (Told you to get that car dealers license).  The wholesale price is what you pay for the vehicle and is much much cheaper than retail  (of course it is silly).  But did you also know that the whole sale price also can depend on the condition of the car, and the mileage that it has?

If you had gone to MyAutoLicense.com in the first place then you would have been able to buy wholesale cars or retail cars.