Why You Should Get Your Auto Dealer’s License

Posted on September 1, 2012 by Aaron

An auto dealer’s license is a fantastic way to create more opportunities and turn a weekend hobby into a sustainable living. Many states require a dealer’s license if the person plans to buy and sell more than a couple of cars. This is primarily for tax purposes but there are other reasons to get a license as well.

While small time auto buyers are content to scan classifieds for vehicles or to chance cars being sold on the side of the road, a dealer will be able to purchase cars from dealer auctions. These auctions are usually closed to the general public granting access to those with an auto dealer license. Auto auctions provide a wide variety of vehicles at wholesale prices. This deal is too tempting to ignore and is usually reason enough for anyone to go for their own auto dealer license.

The license will also give you access to another fantastic benefit usually closed to the public; the wholesale dealer. The wholesale dealer is a great way to perform transactions between two different dealers or to just purchase a vehicle from the wholesaler. These wholesalers provide more inventory options and a larger array of vehicles to purchase.

Perhaps the most important reason to get an auto dealer’s license is that with one there is no cap on how much you can make as a result of car sales in a year. In many states if you do not have an auto dealer’s license your sales are limited. With a dealer’s license, however, you are able to generate more income.

MyAutoLicense is a fantastic resource for those interested in acquiring an auto dealer’s license. Getting a license is relatively easy as long as you know what to do and what the laws are in your area. Having help navigating the process is invaluable.